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Choosing a course - 5 questions to ask

How do training courses boost your employability?


How to find a UK course


Wherever you want to go in life, taking a course can really help. Whether it’s strictly career-focused (like a business course or accountancy training), or something to do for fun (cupcake decorating anyone?), making the effort to learn something new will always make your CV shine. Not only does it show you’re proactive and imaginative with how you spend your time, but the skills you gain, even the soft ones like communicating with others, will be an asset to any team you join.


How to find your perfect course


  • Start by using the box on the left
  • Type in the subject you’re thinking of studying at the top
  • Then, if you know the qualification you want to take, how you want to study (part time, for example) and where you want to learn, enter these into the boxes below
  • Click the ‘Find courses’ button and you’ll be presented with a whole bunch of options which you can sift through to find the perfect course for you.
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