Career Options

Playing the Game isn't the only way to find careers on Plotr. Here are three fantastic ways to explore hundreds of careers.

Browse careers

Browse Careers

Go here if you want to browse through lots of careers quickly. You can find out what each career is really like, discover what's good and bad and how much you earn. You can explore videos, articles, find tips on how to get started, PLUS, even check out real life opportunities!

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Explore worlds

Explore Worlds

Worlds are giant pictures showing different worlds of work. You can explore all the different careers in each world and discover ones you might not have thought of. There's Fashion and Beauty World, Animal World, Money World - and many more.


Which worlds will you dive into? What will you discover there? 

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Browse industires

Investigate Industries

If you have an idea of the kind of thing you want to do, but don’t know the exact career, you can investigate in industries - the different parts of the working world e.g. sport, retail, politics.

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Find the perfect career for you

Play the Game to discover jobs that match your personality, interests and skills. Look at what the world of work is really like.

Then use this knowledge to find the right courses, work experience, apprenticeships, jobs - and more - near you.

Want help exploring careers? See our FAQs

Plotr is here to help when you have big choices to make, from exploring careers matching your interests to thinking about next steps. Need help using Plotr? Check our FAQs.

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