With so many pathways into a career, which ones are right for you? This Plotr guide is designed to help you through your options and inform your decision.

Apprenticeships & Training

What are apprenticeships and traineeships? Could they be right for you? Learn more about the different types of learning. Find tips, insights and live vacancies or roles you can apply for now.

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College & University

Need help picking courses? Wondering what future careers a degree might lead to? Learn more about college and university as potential routes into a career that's right for you.

Getting a Job

Ready to enter the world of work? Get support on all stages of the job searching and application process. Discover great opportunities happening right now!


Have you got some big decisions to make at school about GCSEs or A-levels? Need help with studying or exams? Not sure what to do next? Plotr is here to help.

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Start Your Own Business

Learn more about planning and carrying out a start-up, and who can support you with mentoring and funding.

Work Experience & Volunteering

Want to broaden your horizons, build life skills and boost your CV? Explore the benefits of work experience and volunteering with tips, resources and opportunities you can apply for right now!

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