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Giving careers advice to your child is hard. Careers are constantly changing; there are thousands out there and nobody knows about them all.

Plotr is a fresh new solution. Government backed and not-for-profit, Plotr exists to help your child make the best decisions - at every stage of their journey - by providing careers advice and inspiration tailored to them.

How can Plotr help my child?

Plotr harnesses modern technology to let you and your child explore the world of work together. Plotr intelligently tailors itself through the psychometric Game (and other ways) to your child’s personality, strengths and interests - so it can help them in every step they take to fulfilling their potential in a career they love.

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Parents’ guide to GCSE results day

How to prepare for GCSE results day with practical and emotional support, including how to support your teen if they’re disappointed with their grades.

GCSE results guide  
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Parents' guide to A-level results day

What do those A-level results mean, what are your teen’s next-step options and how to support teens who are disappointed in their grades? Plotr guide for parents.

A-level results guide  


Careers Help

Does your child want help with making a decision or choosing options? The Help Zone will support you in helping them explore their options and make informed decisions.

Careers Help  


Helpful UK organisations

These useful UK organisations can help your child with jobs, training, learning and careers confidence. Bookmark free helplines and more.

UK organisations  


Parents guide to your child's options in Year 9 and 16+

A general overview, with key activities to help your child develop very valuable employability skills.

Parents guide  
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Use Plotr with your child

Plotr has 750+ career profiles exploring salary, qualifications, useful skills, what it’s really like, videos, latest trends & more... along with 1,000s of work experience, volunteering & entry level opportunities.

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Careers Exploration Log

This useful tool comes as a free PDF. It helps your child explore their interests and strengths, enabling them to create SMART goals helping them towards a future they’ll love.

Careers Exploration Log  


GCSE Options Guide

Our GCSE options hub contains extremely useful resources for you and your child, such as 19 questions to ask when choosing GCSE options, and Connecting GCSEs to careers.

GCSE options help  


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