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Whether you’ve got a career in mind or you haven’t got a clue, Plotr can help you discover your future and guide you to careers you could be great at.

Play the Game to discover careers that match your personality, interests and skills. Get the free careers magazine on your phone. Look at what the world of work is really like. Then use this knowledge to find the right courses, work experience, apprenticeships, jobs - and more - near you.

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Dive into Worlds - an amazing way to discover careers

Explore careers in different worlds of work. Which careers will you discover in Fashion and Beauty World, Animal World, Sport and Fitness World and many, many, others?

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Inspiration tailored to you

We’ve brought together in-depth articles, inspirational stories and insider knowledge on a huge range of careers and jobs. Just tell us which ones you do and don’t like, and we’ll use your choices  and your game results to find the most inspiring and useful info possible for you.

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Plotr guides you step by step

On Plotr you’ll find hints and tips and videos from companies and people that actually have those careers - so you can see what it’s like and how you get there.

Then search for the best courses, work experience, apprenticeships or even entry level jobs, near you, to help get you started in a career you're excited about.

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Right here, right now, you can start discovering your future.

  • Play the game to be matched to careers you could be great at
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  • Find work experience, apprenticeships and jobs
  • Plotr gets to know you and your 'likes' for when you continue your journey
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See how Plotr can take you on an incredible journey to careers you'll love

At Plotr we believe in;

  • Careers advice that's fresh.
  • Careers advice that's practical.
  • Careers advice that’s yours.
  • Careers advice that inspires you.

Welcome to Plotr, have fun, happy exploring.

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